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Lecture 17

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3 March 2011 Psych 120B – Lecture 17 The Person as a Judge • Equality rule: you split any money available money evenly between everyone who can receive money. • Need rule: one individual needs more money, so the distribution is adjusted according to that person’s need. • Equality and Need rule: split the money so the person who needs it more gets more money but it is still more even than in the second scenario. • Equity rule: due to input, one person deserves more money (favour them in some way). Experiment • You have $1000 to distribute between paraplegics, obese, alcoholics, child abusers, Alzheimer’s, heart disease. • Second group is given reasons for each o Paraplegics: hit by car/sky diving risk o Obese: over-eating/thyroid disorder o Alcoholic: love of drinking/genetic trait o Child abuser: takes out frustration on children/abused as a child o Alzheimer’s disease: brought about by age/because of drug use o Heart disease: genetic trait/heavy smoking and unhealthy lifestyle Paraplegic Obese Alcoholic Child Abuser Alzheimer’s Heart disease A 300 50 75 0 250 200 B1 200 300 150 50 50 50 B2 350 25 25 0 200 325 • (A) Equity rule: those who are responsible for controllable characteristics get less money because they do not deserve it. • (B1) Gave construals that switched the responsibility. See if controllability is what we used to decide who should get how much money. o
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