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Lecture 3

PSYCH 127A Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Eating Disorder, Reinforcement

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CBT has been shown to be superior to most treatments
More effective immediately post treatment
Interpersonal psychotherapy showing some promise
Improve in months following treatment
Susan's symptoms:
desire to lose weight followed by food restriction and over-exercise
Binge and purge emerged a few months later
Fear of weight gain, body image distortion
Binge-purge cycles: 2-3 times per day
History of depression
1. How were psychological assessments used in this case?
Clinical interviews with a psychiatrist (Susan + mother) - used to make
diagnosis of BN
History of symptoms
Frequency, severity, type of eating disorder symptoms
Functioning across multiple domains (school, family, social)
Eating Disorders Examination - semi-structured diagnostic interviewing for
determining eating disorder pathology
Four subscales: dietary restraint (DR), eating concern (EC), shape
concern (SC), and weight concern (WC)
Medical evaluation used to determine whether inpatient or outpatient
hospitalization was necessary
2. Figure 1 summarizes the case conceptualization, which includes both
cognitive and behavioral elements. What are some of the maladaptive cognitions
that Susan experienced and how did they contribute to her symptoms of BN?
How were some of Susan’s symptoms being maintained by reinforcement?
"men will like me if I'm skinny" and "my life is out of control, so I will control
my eating"
Led to dietary restriction
Dietary restriction --> hunger cues --> trigger binge
"No one loves me" --> feelings of loneliness --> binge
"I'll gain weight and no one will like me" --> anxiety --> purge/over-exercise
"Now I won't gain any weight" --> relief (positive reinforcement)
Anxiety --> self induced vomiting --> feelings of guilt and depression -->
dietary restriction
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