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Lecture 9

PSYCH 130 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Memory Rehearsal, Cultural Studies, Menarche

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W6L1 Tues 11/7/17
Cognitive Development
Aspects of Memory
Memory is influenced what you’re thinking about, what you’re paying attention to, and
what our expectations are
Sensory Register
Sights, sounds, and other sensory info are stored but only momentarily
Unattended-to info quickly degrades
Short Term Store
Retain attended-to info briefly
Limited capacity
Info held onto as long as it is useful
Working Memory
Information is briefly held in mind while also engaging in some effort to monitor or
manipulate those items
E.g. combining various sources info
Strong relationship to academic achievement
SAT is predictive of college success because it is taxing towards working
memory in the same way that college is
Need to manage time, attend to test info, read passages and questions +
hold it in mind
Study: participant wears headphones, pay attention to only input from one side of the
headphones, other side has random input that has nothing to do with the attended side
but has participant’s name inserted in somewhere
The likelihood that participant will hear their name is related to working memory
Those with worse working memory skills were more likely to hear their memories
Those with better working memory skills were better at focusing on the task at
hand and ignoring irrelevant info
Long-term Memory
Permanent knowledge base
Possibly unlimited capacity
Not necessarily stored forever, but for a long time
Memory Types
Implicit: unconscious or automatic processes
Explicit: conscious
Memory Strategies
Rehearsal: mentally repeat to-be remembered info over and over again
Simplest memory rehearsal
One of the first strategies that emerges in children trying to consciously
remember info
Appears around age 5-6
Organization: group related items
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