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Lecture 16

RELIGN M132 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Fot, Populism, Xenophobia

Religion, Study of
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Kathlyn Cooney

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Relign M132 Week 8 Lect 1
Rameses II
His reign is a reaction to Akhenaten’s rule
Link himself with the dynasty and the Egyptians as a new ruler. I am adopted by this family because the
actual son did something wrong
Rameses can claim emergency powers because of Akhenaten’s failures
Egypt: None of these kings are a man unto himself. They do not have all the power. In a particular
society, they have a particular power.
We now have a society in which the sun follows his father in being treasury of the particular
powerless within a certain location in Egypt, or being a scribal, a bureaucrat in a temple, a temple sock,
met maybe somewhere in Lower Egypt in the delta. >> And you have this professionalism that makes it
very hard for the king to come in and say “You will do what I say”. He is now dealing with tens of
thousands of people who have their fingers in all of the costs of Egyptian society, politics, military, and
he now has to work with them in a way that cans have not had to do for some time
King has to present himself as more powerful than before
> I'm buying into something that he cannot change. >> This is the society that he inherits, that his
military, tourism, and that institution create. >> So there's nothing that he can do about that. >> But in
response, he creates a greater difficulty to his kingship than has ever been seen before.
King must change the politics in order to fit himself as a new king of the world with divinity
He didn't build that pyramid just because it was an awesome and fun thing to do. >> He built it because
it was politically necessary for him to do so
Sons are rarely named, if they are they will become the next king. They are the heir. Any other sons are
rejected from the throne.
Rameses turned this concept on its head.
Ramses the second, his son, who was born into a situation which you always knew that he would
became understands that he can't rely on this quality anymore. >> He needs to move to quantity is
going to be and such beautifully carved, carefully carved images. >> And he's going to move to quick
production, needs a mass production. He needs to reuse statues. >> He needs to put up as much as he
possibly can.
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