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Lecture 17

RELIGN M132 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Ramesses Ii, Eighteenth Dynasty Of Egypt, Twentieth Dynasty Of Egypt

Religion, Study of
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Kathlyn Cooney

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Relign M132 Week 8 lect 2
Rameses II
Propoganda of a Wall
If the King was too weak or too young, the Royal woman would step in and rule. Women were less likely
to rule the same as men. They were considered weaker.
She could act as a place holder and then melt back in the shadows when she wasn't needed anymore. >>
She wasn't seen as an overt political threat as another man would be. >> She was assumed to rule
differently than men. It was less war mongering, have less access to a professional army of herself being
a product of the palace. >> She didn't have ties to these institutions. >> What would be expected to
roll differently from a man who would have so meeting dynasty, you see these women
depicted regularly and you see King sisters and kings daughters having real and significant power
There is a female king of the 19th dynasty. >> Her name is Tawasret. >> She rules alone for just a couple
of years, and for the most part, she seems to be a pawn of warlords around her. Warlords who were
trying, or bureaucrats who are trying to use this, this female power to their benefit. >> She's removed
from power by the first king of the 20th Dynasty.
Most of the women in the Rameses II were connected to him. He was larger than life and the women
were pocket pieces
Where the royal women go, the other women go as well
The United States elected a celebrity to be president and use you have half of the population of the
United States firmly behind this celebrity, this, this Donald Trump, who puts loyalists and power over
people who have a greater skill set over a particular arena of government. >> And he is MIT,
manufacturing. >> His connection to the populace, showing himself is a Savior against what came
before, against Obama and Clinton and these other mistakes. >> A savior to drain the swamp and
somebody who is continually creating celebrity. Talking about how many eyes are on the screen using
the pandemic of the corona virus to have these daily briefings and talking about what the Nielsen
ratings are for those daily briefings
He is creating a narrative in which they are about to lose the Battle at Kaddish, the Hittites or
winning. >> And he comes in with his chariot single-handedly with the rains wrapped around his waist
as he barges into the battle and, and saves the day. He is manufacturing that celebrity and
manufacturing a new patriotism, a new nationalism that Egypt had not had before, creating arguably the
first demagogue URI, Egypt has ever seen. Now I didn't put a definition of demagogue re, on the
screen. >> So let me read something aloud to you. The demagogue is a political leader who seeks
support by appealing to the desires and prejudices of ordinary people rather than by using rational
argument. Now I'm not saying that 18th dynasty kings use rational argument because they did they
use irrational argument like anybody else, saying that the god Amun Re, had chosen them. >> But
instead of Ramses the Second same that the god Amun Re, had chosen them. >> If that was the so
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called rational argument of the past. Rama's did kings are now going to make it about irrational
arguments of the ring.
You're not rewarding the elites, you're rewarding them. >> So you were driving a wedge between the
old patricians and, and the, and then you have all of these grateful man behind them. So they get new
temples, they get new spaces. >> This is the new Populism of Ramis in Egypt. >> Now, at the same time
that you get the creation of this new populism, you'll get Ramses the second div, then Ising himself in a
way that you had not seen before, giving themself powers that you had not seen before. Remember, I
cannot making everyone bow down. >> You don't see that here because this is Ramsay. >> He's one of
the people. >> He would never do that to his elites, but he is making his kingship something more divine
than we had ever seen before
With his obelisks, with his colossal statues, there would have been as many as six of them in front of
this temple. >> The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities is pulling these statues of Ramsey's the
sixth, Ramses the Second back up, which is perfectly in keeping with the politics of the time. >> This is
what it looks like to go into Luxor Temple today.
>> Half of these statues are reused for mom and hooked up. >> The third half of them. He creates a
new, but he is making the space that is not about symmetry, proportions, elegance, quality of
carving. >> It is about celebrity. >> It is about himself. >> It is about depicting them, myself again and
again and again and again in his many ways, shapes or forums that he can such that when his newly
empowered people come in, all they can look at is up there. They're great. Save your warrior king.
And he continues, like the 18th dynasty kings before him, to piously set up a temple connecting him
to Amun Re in the Theban western bank. And this is, this is his space so that he's going to make a
different, he's going to invite the common man in. He's going to connect it to his populism with a
grandness that we had not seen before, with monumental statuary in sandstone that we had not seen
before. And to do this, he is going to reuse a whole lot of Amenhotep, the birds stuff
The king is the God here. >> And yes, there are beliefs of Ramses the Second and worship re, hierarchy,
but it is the canton who deserve the celebrity. >> Thick thing that Egyptologists really have remarked
upon. >> This is trying to prove his divinity. >> Suddenly have said that this is showing his divinity to the
other, to the new paean, to the disempowered Nubian who had been enslaved by Ramsey's militarist
> The sixties when they did this, they had to flood this temple. And before they flooded, they cut it up
into blocks and moved it to a higher location. >> And so when you see it today, it has been essentially
cut and pasted into a giant fiberglass mountain, a fake mountain side that is our inspiring in and of
itself and is a throw down a modern Egyptian populist military might. >> You can see how small the
queens are in these spaces. You can see the princes and princesses being depicted at the feet of the
king. >> You can see what his face looks like
We call it patriotism. >> We think of it as good and pure and what it means to be a good American
and who was not a good American. This is Ramsey's, the seconds creation of that kind of patriotism all
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