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University of California - Los Angeles
Jesus Torrecilla

Spring 2017 Spanish 42: Iberian Culture—Prof. Torrecilla Lecture 1: Spanish and Portuguese Civilization Highlighted = important for exams Why is it important to learn about Iberian culture and civilization? - Spanish Language: 450 million native speakers (ranks 2 ) & Portuguese Language: 220 th million speakers (ranks 6 ) = the languages are part of a large community. Learning about these people, you are learning about a large part of the world today. - Due to its geographical location (Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts/ Proximity to Africa but also in Europe.) it has been a crossroad for civilizations, creating a dynamic culture. It’s a mixture (hybrid) culture - They were able to build the first global empires in different countries- showcasing not only technology advance but the influence/power they possessed. (culture, religion, language) Understanding Spain. Basic Facts: Geography - Geography: Iberian Peninsula (a “natural” unity). - No natural borders between both countries (Portugal and Spain) - Iberian Peninsula: 230,000 sq. miles. Smaller than Texas. - Spain: 5/6 of the territory (195,000 sq. m., larger than California) - Portugal: 1/6 (35,000 sq. m., the size of Maine) - Spain and Portugal share the same space- mountain, rivers, lakes etc. Spain: Images/Stereotypes - First Stereotype: The conquistador (Violence, Cruelty, Greed, Fanatics) - Second: Exoticism (Flamenco, Bullfighters, Passion, Love) RED (La roja- National Soccer League nickname) Spain Location: Farther South Corner of Europe, close to Africa - Atlantic Coast/ Mediterranean Coast (P.T.: Double projection) - Strait of Gibraltar. Columns of Hercules: Beyond that point, the unknown (mare Tenebrosum) o According to greek mythology, Hercules put them there to signal the end of the World, with the sign : “Non Plus Ultra:” – Don’t go further Climate - Dry and Green Spain – similar to the climate of California Five Languages Spoken in Iberian Peninsula - Spanish, Portugal, Castallan, Basque, Castilian Spain and Portugal are historical creations, and are still in the making! First cultural manifestation in Iberian Peninsula: Altamira Cave Paintings P
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