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Lecture 3

STATS 10 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Histogram, European Route E20

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Stephanie Sanchez
Stats 10 Lec 5 Sec. A
Assignment: Lab 3 - Hot Hand
TA Name: Min , S
Question 1: Using Kobe Bryant’s actual data, (a) what percentage of attempted baskets are
successful? We’ll assume this is the probability that Bryant makes a basket.
a) 43% of Kobe’s baskets = successful
Question 2: Examine the distribution of Kobe Bryant’s actual streak lengths. (a) What was his
typical streak length? (b) What is the variability in the streak length? (c ) How would you
describe the shape of the distribution?
a) Typical streak length = 0.
b) Variability in streak length = 1.
c) Right skewed shaped
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Question 3A: For the simulations in this lab, assume that the ‘hot hand’ phenomenon does not
exist (i.e. assume that each shot attempt is independent of the next). To simulate a player
shooting baskets with a particular success probability, we will fill the ‘Hot Hand Box’ with values
that say ‘Hit’ or ‘Miss’. You can think of the 100 observations in this box as 100 slips of paper,
each labeled ‘Hit’ or ‘Miss’. To simulate shooting three baskets, we would draw out three slips of
paper and record whether it was a ‘Hit’ or ‘Miss’. (a) To perform this simulation, should we draw
out the slips of paper with or without replacement? Why?
a) We should draw out the slips of paper with replacement because each shot is
Question 3B: The collectioned labeled ‘Hot Hand Box’ has 100 observations. Think of each as
a slip of paper. You can fill in the box with the correct proportion of ‘Hits’ by using the slider
called successpct. For example, if you wanted to have 5 Hits, slide successpct to 5. If you
wanted 90, slide to 90. Move the slider to the correct value to simulate a basketball player who
has the same success probability as Kobe. (a) How many ‘Hits’ does the collection now
contain? (b) (You can and should verify by opening up the Hot Hand Box collection and
summarizing the result variable)
a) The collection row contains 43 hits
Question 4: Click on the Sample More Cases button of the ‘Sample of Hot Hand’ collection.
You’ve just simulated one streak from a basketball player who does not have hot hands and
who has the same success probability as Kobe.
To see how this was done, double click on the Sample of Hot Hand collection to open the
Inspector. Then click on the “sample” tab. Describe how the computer performs one trial of this
With the Inspector for the Sample of Hot Hand, click on the Cases tab to see the results of each
of the individual baskets (there might be only one). Click on the Measures tab to see the length
of the streak.
By looking at the Inspector’s sample tab, we can see the way in which the computer performs
one trial of stimulating a streak. The computer is able to take a random case (“hit” or “miss”) and
keeps taking cases until it obtains a “miss.” Once it receives a “miss”, it stops taking cases
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