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Lecture 3

THEATER 10 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: The Public Theater, White Privilege, Imagined Community

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Hamilton's Feminism
Not enough stage times
o If they appear, their inner thoughts exist only in relation in Alexander (male lead)
o Only speaks of the man
Immigration Narrative
Circles around notion of the American Dream
"Work hard to 'rise up' and get out of the struggles (Alexander)
o Implies that other immigrants who haven't succeeded are at fault.
Racial Diversity
Some white men (colonizers, slaveowners) were played by black men.
o (ex) actor's blackness visually distances his performance of racism which enables
audience to forget the degree of racism/violence that fueled the US.
Hamilton and the Cost of Diversity
Broadway musical (hip hop aesthetics w/ multi-racial cast) that talks about the Founding
Fathers.. (adoration from many spectrums [ex: democrats and republicans])
Feminist Killjoy
Loving something but also hating it
o Critiques it because of how much they love it and want it to do better
Why does Hamilton appeal to different people across political spectrum?
What is the work that the musical is doing politically and how so?
Racial diversity
Seeming apolitical
Multiracial casting, and bootstrap narrative
Background on Hamilton:
Alexander Hamilton (Founding Father) works his way up through tenacity/skills/connections w/
right people. In 2015, musical formally appeared @ Public Theater.
Imagined community; something in common/uniting them to create a nation.
Covers up differences in the name of unity.
Neoliberalism (works with nationalism)
Government aiding private capitals.
Monitory profit capitalization.
Racial diversity
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