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Lecture 5

THEATER 10 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: National American Woman Suffrage Association, Elizabeth Robins, Overcoat

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Henry Gibson (A Dolls House)
Discovers possibility of life as housewife is too narrow and leaves husband/children's (v
o Inspired Elizabeth
Votes for Women
Lots of smaller arguments that are also being made in the play.
What are some of the other issues that Elizabeth Robins bring up other than women voting?
Trials (trial by peer of women)
Marriage as only route to security for women
Persuasion methods used by different characters in the play?
Private person to person discussions
Empathy (emotional stories appealing to others)
Political rally speeches
Blackmail ? (way in which Levering changes mind of Stoner as blackmail)
Private Theatrical
Groups of friends and families putting together small/amateur plays @ home.
o Lots of manuals/articles on how to put on private theatricals (the 2 other readings
we read)
Funny while taking on political issues
New Women
Wife becomes emancipated where husband does all the cooking/cleaning.
Tries to suggest women's liberation is silly because women is still scared of mice
o Reveals way men will always be 'superior'
Very New Women
2 new women
Puts forward scene where man is shocked when his fiancée is pro women's right, just like
his mother.
1913 Pageants
National American Women Suffrage Association --> Pageant in DC (day before inauguration of
Woodrow Wilson)
Many scenes & participants (Inez Mollohan lead parade)
o Acting out importance of women's rights
5000 women's marched in pageant but 100,000 people were watching this
pageant and interfered.
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