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Lecture 10

THEATER 10 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: D. W. Griffith, Anna May Wong, Shanghai Express (Film)

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D.W Griffith - Broken Glasses (Play)
Chinese guy who develops relation from woman
o Disappears from frame because a Chinese person sustaining active role in
community was difficult
Charlie Chan Series
Detective who speak in fortune cookie algorithms
o Actors were usually people performing in yellow face
Chop-suey roles offers "desexualized" Asian men, with no leading/main roles for AA.
Fu-Manchu Series
Offers stereotypes of Chinese figures
o Dangerous, brilliant, asexual villain
o Operates differently than Charlie Chan but draws on same issues of Asian
Boxer Rebellion
Group of China assassinating Western/Asian Christians
o Publicly violent movement
US journalism/photography came to light..
o Gave people sense of real terror
Chop-suey circuit -- network of performances that originated in SF (entertainment for white
audiences; dancers and singers)
Gave whole generation of AA immigrant actors to be on stage
o During that time was the time of Jap internment camp
Japs passed themselves as Chinese to avoid camp
Racial performance happening in theater and outside theater
1882 - Chinese Exclusion Act
World of Suzie Wong (Play)
Started a huge trend/controversy
o Suzie Wong - prostitute with good intentions
Restrictions of what is visualized in film
o Set huge # of stereotypes of AA women for being easy
Sessue Hayakawa
Reference in Yankee Dawg You Die
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