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Lecture 14

THEATER 10 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Peggy Shaw

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Belle Reprieve - Split Bridges (theater)
Going off of play "Streetcar Named Desire"
4 actors escaping heterosexual script
o Central conflict of script is the script itself (resistance to others in the world)
Queer theater - made by/about/for LGBTQ people
Sparked by feminist/civil rights/gay liberation movement
Questions traditional notions
Showing queer relationships inside traditional plays
o Bolder styles, brasher humor, blunter about sexuality
Split Bridges
Performance troop of Louis Weber, Peggy Shaw.
In work, they assume lesbian feminist universe
Wow Café -- created a space for women to perform for each other
Butch Fem Dynamic -- how you present (manly/feminine dynamic)
o Commentary of culture codes in the world (high heels, dresses etc)
Commenting and embracing culture femininity
Women's One World Festival; 1981, 1982
Gathered women to produce event
Get together and make art together.
Drag - involves cross-dressing (may/may not be trans)
People who are trans may not cross dress
Cross-dress -- temporary performance
Trans -- expressing who they feel themselves to be (sex you're assigned to @ birth is different
from who you think you are)
Camp -- performance w/ drag that which men impersonate women (femininity)
Female masculinity is seen as "less funny"
Threat to traditional order if a women can appropriate masculinity
o Panic that sets in (power/women/hierarchy)
Belle Reprieve
Fair disguised as women - feminine women playing a masculine woman role
Stanley rapes Blanche
o Stanley plays a butch woman ?
Blanche questioning Stella about Stanley's manhood
If you want a realism play, woman has to get raped and go crazy in the end. Blanche
doesn't want that. (Stanley)
Actors are embodying someone, they're not "real"
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