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Lecture 19

THEATER 10 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Lipid Bilayer, Viral Disease, Exocytosis

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Properties of cell arrange themselves in a way to maximize function they are trying to enhance.
Double Cell Membrane
o In heart, cell as a barrier to protect, but the cell itself also has a membrane (double
Cell Membrane Function
Physical Isolation
Barrier to separate from (intracellular) and extracellular
o Enables cell to make characteristic composition so that particular type of reaction
Regulation of Exchange with the Environment
Regulates what enters and leaves cells (ions, nutrients, cellular waste, release of protein
Communication Between Cell & Environment
Proteins enable cell to recognize/respond to molecules or changes
Structural Support
Plasma membrane determines the shape of cell.
Varied shape; how the membrane forms.
Structure of Membrane
Proteins and phospholids make up most of membrane structure.
Phospholids are main component of cell membrane (lipid molecules)
o Lipid bilayer
o Head region (lollipop) faces external environment and tails face each other
o Surrounds cell and separates cytoplasm from environment.
Types of membrane proteins
o Integral proteins -- firmly imbedded in/attached to lipid bilayer
Integral proteins are transmembrane -- go all the way through the membrane
(form a channel) which can regulate what goes in and out of cell
o Short chains of carbohydrates attach to integral proteins (glycoproteins)
o Peripheral proteins -- attach to membrane surface
Supports plasma membrane from cytoplasmic side & protrudes to outside of
Animal Cell Membranes
Membranes are selectively permeable & dynamic.
o Capable of choosing what passes across them and that can change over time or
under influence of factors (e.g. hormones)
Selective process due to protein pores & protein carrier molecules embedded in
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