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Lecture 16

URBN PL 121 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Plastic Bag, Compost

Urban Planning
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- Rebound effect: you can turn off the lights this month, but next month you forget and
return to your old habits
- What is the single most effective thing that you could to do conserve energy in your life?
- Top answer: turn off lights
- Second: conserve energy
- Third: drive less, bike, using public transport
- Recycling aluminum cans require least energy to recycle (compared to glass)
- Plastic bag requires less energy to make compared to paper
Food waste
- In LA, food waste makes almost ⅓ of the waste sent to landfills
- Most of it is edible
- What isn’t edible could be compostable
- Why is food waste a problem?
- Increasing demand
- World population expected to reach 9bil in 2050; and food demand is
predicted to increase by 60%
- Food loss and waste
- Estimated that 30$ of food produced worldwide is lost or wasted
every year
- Chronic hunger worldwide
- About 13% of population suffers from hunger
- Climate change
- Food production and waste are significant sources of GHG
emissions. Climate change will increase vulnerability in food
- Production processing transportation consumption waste
- Why is food waste an urban problem?
- 54% of population lives in urban areas
- Cities are major drivers for demand of food…
- But also significant sources of food waste
- Why is food waste still a problem?
1. It has been understudied (not acknowledged as a problem)
2. It isn’t well measured - difficult to make estimates, analyze solutions, understand
cost benefits
3. Food waste isn’t well regulated
- How to tackle this issue?
- Food waste government, private sector, non profit organizations, civil society
organizations (CSO) 3%
- System doesnt communicate and collaborate to address issue
- In La, system is highly decentralized and makes lots of inefficiencies
- Are CSOs participation in food waste enough?
- Pros
- Decentralizing food waste diversion
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