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Lecture 17

URBN PL 121 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Biodegradable Waste, Compost, Food Rescue

Urban Planning
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What is waste?
- Everything that is “unused, unproductive, or not properly utilized”
- Waste is a design error
- More than half of our waste goes straight to the landfill
- Only 25% goes to recycling
- The US generates 270mil tons of trash
- Our waste generation has remained around the same since 2000
- Food waste makes up 22% of landfill
- The most easily compostable materials make up ~60% of waste in the landfill
- These materials don’t need to be in landfill
Video: the compost story
- Misuse of green trash bins
- Supposed to be used for compost, but most people throw in trash
- In 2017, the city of LA launched public-private partnership that, for the first time in the
history of the city, offers customer friendly and efficient waste and recycling services to
all commercial and industrial businesses, institutions, large multifamily buildings
- Tried to make recycling easier
LA compost
- Started as a civil society organization
- Volunteers that compost
- Have educational programs and activism to push for better legislation and infrastructure
and funding for dealing with food waste
- Encourages community participation and education
- Why compost?
- Reduce food waste
- Reduce greenhouse gases
- Reduce need for chemical fertilizers
- Grow your own food
- Build healthy soil
- Improve water holding capacity in soil
- Keep resources local to your community
- Compost together to build community
- 30 community hubs; 3 regional hubs
- Provides access for food scrap drop off
- Local processing from farmers market collections
- Compost education
- Intern and volunteer engagement
- Community hub
- Established with a partner organization
- Can process up to 10 tons annually
- 75-100 active drop off members
- Metrics collection
- 2 annual workshops
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