CFD 3240 Lecture 28: Generativity

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Child and Family Development
CFD 3240

Generativity Issues of Cohabitating Young Adults and Their Parents  The cohabitation of young adults is related to less parental support o Example: less likely to be giving and receiving assistance with household tasks  Also less likely to participate in the behaviors that strengthen the intergenerational ties o Examples: visiting on vacations, spending holidays together, or involving parents in family events and rituals A Challenge to Generativity: Unintentional Parenthood  Young adults who became parents during adolescence least prepared for parenthood o have the fewest resources to help them in their parental roles o Also, higher risk of having a low-birth-weight baby and/or a premature birth  Assistance needed in achieving generativity o Their parents typically provide financial support & childcare o Professionals can help them to adapt to their roles of early parenthood Parenthood and Higher Level Reasoning: Piaget  The challenges of adulthood (including parenthood) helps young adults to reason in novel, more complex, and less rigid ways than adolescents  They become better problem finders o which helps them to discern the problems of their children that need their attention  They are also capable of dialectical reasoning o which allows them to come up with more effective solutions to problems Parenthood and Vygotsky’s Concept of Scaffolding  Parents continue to provide various kinds of support for their young adult children o The most common support is emotional support o College students also typically receive financial assistance from parents o Young adults often benefit from consultation with their parents regarding important decisions  Parents also provide financial, practical, & emotional assistance to them after they become parents, especially child care The Scaffolding of Childrearing Efforts by Parental Partners  2 examples of scaffolding seen in two-parent families are emotional and practical support of each other’s parenting efforts o When parents work together the effectiveness of each parent’s childrearing efforts is promoted  Many couples today expect to work cooperatively in the care of their children  Examples of practical help that scaffold childrearing efforts include: o taking turns getting up with a crying baby, bathing children & preparing family meals Parental Influence on The Selection of Adult Gender Roles  Parental modeling and parental attitudes about gender affect gender role beliefs  The parental division of labor during their MI adolescence especially important  Higher participation in housework by fathers is associated with o young adults’ greater support for men’s participation in housework The Parallel Development of the Social Roles of Young Adults and Their Parents  Parents & young adult children exert a strong influence on each other’s role development o through a process of parallel development  To achieve parallel development, young ad
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