CFD 3240 Lecture 15: The Parents of Childhood Victims

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Child and Family Development
CFD 3240

The Parents of Childhood Victims • Parental influences of victims of bullies is gender related o Maternal overprotection is linked with the victimization of boys, which likely interferes with the development of independence and assertion ▪ Behaviors that are valued by male peers • Poor identification with mothers has been linked to the victimization of girls o Low maternal identification might threaten girls' need for affiliation and their development of the social skills o The parenting behavior most predictive of girls' victimization is perceived threat of rejection A 5-Step Strategy to Prevent Bullying or Victimization • In order to prevent childhood bullying and victimization, it is recommended that parents: o Monitor their children's activities and whereabouts o Develop and use rules and consequences o Reframe behaviors in positive, instead of negative ways o Focus on children’s positive behaviors o Develop and use effective listening skills Cyberbullying • Children are increasingly using the Internet to bully other children • More serious than traditional bullying because of the associated anonymity • Mostly occurs within the context of children’s social groups & relationships o Cyberbullies and their victims generally do not tell anyone Preventing Cyberbullying • Important that children be taught to o Report negative messages to parents o Not pass along negative messages to others — not repeat, just delete o Set up blocks to messages from cyberbullies o Respect rights & feelings of others in Cyberspace. The Importance of Meeting School-Age Children’s Nutritional Needs • Children with inadequate nutrition are less active than normal • In countries where food is in short supply, children of poor parents frequently suffer from stunted growth • Children with iron deficiencies sufficient to cause anemia are at a disadvantage academically o Food insufficiency affects those children’s ability to learn Problems Poor Parents in the U.S. Face in Feeding Their Children • Children living in poverty at high risk for food insecurity, which is linked with o Substandard academic achievement o Inadequate intake of key nutrients o Poor health o Increased risk for the development of chronic disease o Poor psychological & cognitive functioning A Gl
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