CFD 3240 Lecture 23: Child Socialization

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Child and Family Development
CFD 3240

Child Socialization in Non-Western Societies • In all cultures, parenting patterns reflect cultural beliefs • In non-Western cultures, parenting patterns reflect collectivist beliefs • In the West, parenting patterns reflect individualistic cultural beliefs • In collectivist cultures, explanation and discussion of parental directives is an extremely rare approach • In collectivist cultures, high levels of demandingness are most likely to be accompanied by high levels of closeness to children o This parenting pattern is called traditional The Traditional Parenting Pattern in The United States • The traditional parenting pattern is also seen in ethnic minority families in the United States • The value of collectivism as well as more involvement of extended family in childrearing is seen in these families • Besides traditional parenting, another important component of child socialization in ethnic minority families is racial socialization o Racial socialization acts as a buffer against negative racial messages in the environment Traditional Cultures and Extended Family Relations • In collectivist cultures (in non-Western and ethnic minority families), the responsibilities of parents are extended to grandparents and other family members • Those extended family members offer greater support to mothers with young children o Especially among the poorest households • Those families are more likely to have grandparents living in their household or nearby • Children’s relationships with grandparents are highly valued in traditional cultures Children of Traditional Parents • In traditional cultures, children generally accept the authority of the parents o While also expressing a strong sense of attachment to their families • Extended family members, especially grandparents, provide opportunities for guidance and closeness. • Thus, children in those families receive guidance and support from parents as well as from other adult family members Overprotective
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