CFD 3250 Lecture 11: Classroom Configuration

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Child and Family Development
CFD 3250
Victoria Voland

Classroom Configuration – Room Arrangements • Room Arrangement o Should help the program meet its goals o Be open and inviting o Provide areas that feel private o Consider the needs of children with disabilities o Classroom space per Missouri licensing plan for 35 square feet per child o Most architects will plan for new space 50 to 55 square feet per child • Furniture & Equipment o Include comfortable child-size and adult-sized seating o Include appropriate proportioned tables and chairs for children ▪ Ones – 12” to 14” tables – 5” to 6.5” chairs ▪ Twos – 16” tables – 8” chairs ▪ Threes – 18” tables – 10” chairs ▪ Fours – 18” to 20” tables – 10” to 12” chairs ▪ Fives – 20” tables – 12” chairs ▪ School-Age – 22” to 24” table – 14” to 16” chairs o Open shelves that give children choices ▪ Include natural or cloth bins not just plastic o Flexible and open ended o Durable, practical and attractive Classroom Configuration – Learning Centers • Daily Experiences o Quiet activities – listening/reading to books o Structured activities – puzzles, circle times, large group and small group activities (circle time) o Art and discovery – paint, play dough, water, sand (sensory) o Dramatic play – kitchen area, doctor, dress up, laundry o Large motor - climbing, running, sliding • Issues in placement & design 1. Be in a specific location well suited for the activity 2. Have clearly marked boundaries 3. Provide areas for play and for observing 4. Provide for storage and display of related materials 5. Create a mood that sets it apart from the other areas Classrooms – Infant/Toddler Environments • Keep children safe and healthy • Aesthetically pleasing with beautiful colors, sounds, forms and textures • Have child size furniture and adult size furniture o Teachers should not be expected to sit in child’s chair o Child care teachers have had issues with back problems • Open-ended materials/toys • Duplicates of popular toys – this allows children to play and not be expected to share – as infants and toddlers are developmentally ready to share. • Area for alone time o Soft areas or quiet area o Maybe area to cuddle with teacher – rocking chair, (I have seen canvas swing chairs in one program) • Activity area set up for one or two children at a ti
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