CFD 3250 Lecture 27: rules

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Child and Family Development
CFD 3250
Victoria Voland

Roles & Qualifications of Personnel • Assistant Teacher’s Roles: o Abide by the program’s core values while striving to realize its vision and mission. o Interact kindly and respectfully with all children. o Communicate effectively, respectfully and consistently to the families of children in the classroom o Maintain strict confidentiality issues related to the program and specific family information o Follow the teacher’s lead by helping to implement developmentally and culturally appropriate activities. o Follow the teacher’s lead by responding effectively to children’s behavior. o Assist the teacher in assessing children’s learning, growth, and development. Assistant Teacher’s Characteristics • Warm • Flexibility • Integrity • Sense of humor • Physical stamina • Mental stamina • Vitality • Emotional stability • Confidence • Naturalness • Support development • Not overly protective • Be with children rather than do for them • Joy • With infants need to form close bonds Functions of Assistant Teachers • Willing to play supportive role • Anticipators • Facilitators/Implementation • Listeners • Watchers • Protectors • Assist in providing interesting environments • Elicitors of language • Smoothers of jangled feelings Support Personnel • Food service o Cooks o Assistant cooks o Dietitians • Maintenance staff o Custodial o Handy men • Office staff o Accountant o Receptionist o Office Manager • Transportation o Bus driver o Bus monitor • Substitutes: o Work for employees that are on vacation, taking a personal day or are not able to
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