CFD 3250 Lecture 22: Considering Policies

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Child and Family Development
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CFD 3250
Victoria Voland

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Considering Policies & Procedures • Regulations, policies and procedures are linked in many ways. • They ensure compliance with federal, state, local laws, regulations and standards while helping the program achieve its mission and reach its goals. o Policies address issues that are critical to the center’s operation. o Procedures are step-by-step instructions for following established policies. o Policies describe the program’s specific plans for achieving goals. Policies answer questions????? ▪ Can apply to: • Employees • Participating families Considering Policies & Procedures o Examples include: o What is to be done & Who is to do it? o Director recruits and hires staff o Length of employees paid vacation o Or rules for participating families to follow ▪ Food program – issues – no sugary sweets at Birthday parties. • Policies should be written as comprehensive statements. o Policies should describe: ▪ previously made decisions, ▪ identify guiding principles ▪ or already agreed upon course of action Considering Policies & Procedures • Procedure describe specific strategies for complying with established policies. • Procedures may: o Identify o Create step-by-step guides o how to reach agreed-upon goals o must have forms developed to accomplish this fact. • Like policies, most procedures will be included in appropriate staff manuals and family handbooks: others may apply only to administrators, emergency situations and are less widely circulated. Considering Policies & Procedures • Life example: o Policy – fire drills are completed monthly; tornado drill is completed at least every 3 months o Procedure – how to evacuate, where to evacuate, who collects data, what form is utilized to report fire drills, who will gather the information and where it will be collected. o Policy – length of vacations, amount of sick leave o Procedure – how to apply for vacation, when to put in notices, who to notify when ill and cannot come to work, where, and how to request for personal time off o Procedure that apply to families go in the family/parent handbook. Example: identifying individuals authorized to pick up their children at the end of the day. Policy & Procedures Guide for Empl
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