CFD 3250 Lecture 12: Facility

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Child and Family Development
CFD 3250
Victoria Voland

Facility –New or Renovated Space • Things to consider when planning or renovating space for child care programming: 1. Determine how much indoor and outdoor space you will need 2. Follow all building codes and zoning regulations 3. Keep the safety of the children and staff as your primary concern ▪ Nearby water or busy streets ▪ Parking areas, businesses in the area 4. Plan to accommodate children and staff with disabilities 5. Make the facility child-oriented but also comfortable for adults. 6. Space must be flexible to accommodate changing interests 7. Plan space intentionally –: ▪ Large spaces encourage big play ▪ Small spaces encourage the children to fit into the space ▪ Open areas are for more active play ▪ Small soft areas encourage quiet play and reflection 8. Take into consideration children and staff with special needs - American Disabilities Act ▪ Indoor ▪ Outdoor - playground ▪ Entrances 9. Selecting furniture, materials and supplies carefully. 10. Plan expenditures carefully ▪ Large initial investment ▪ Complex decisions ▪ High quality materials will last longer Facility planners in small programs is often the director. In larger ventures, there may be a committee with assisting with the various aspects of opening a new program. • Manage constructions/renovation • Acquire or purchase furniture • Purchase supplies/materials Facility Planners Should: 1. Identify specific needs o Max enrollment o Ages of children served o Special needs o Group sizes o Hours of operations 2. Reading materials about child care programs and facilities and/or visiting programs that are like your vision. o “Child Care Design Guide” by Anita Rui Old’s 3. Take in consideration energy-saving features. o Solar heating o High-efficiency heating & cooing o Energy-saving appliances o Consider (LEED) certification- “Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design” 4. Work with all agencies to ensure compliance during the renovation or building process: o Fire protection o Licensing o Accreditation standards 5. Identify benchmarks to document progress and stay on track. 6. Board approval before construction begins. 7. Director or another representative would work closely with the following personnel to ensure planning and then construction goes smoothly. o Architect o Contractor o Banker or accountant o Attorney Facility –New or Renovated Space • Programs that share facilities or space should clarify: o Who is responsible for cleaning what? o Where will materials be stored? o Who has access to them? o How are bulletin boards, cubbies, classroom decorations shared? • Programs that lease facilities: o Is long term lease available? Can it be renewed? o Who is responsible for repairs? o Can the building and grounds be altered by adding ramps, painting walls, installing playground? Designing Your Center – Appealing Aspects • Entry/Exit Area o Families’ first and last im
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