CFD 3250 Lecture 30: Enhance Staff Professional Knowledge

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University of Central Missouri
Child and Family Development
CFD 3250
Victoria Voland

Enhance Staff Professional Knowledge & Skills • Staff are on the front-lines of your program. • They are your program so developing their skills are the way to accomplish your goals and reach your vision. • Develop their skills through professional development opportunities or training • Assessing your staff through a survey helps • Keeping in mind that your staff will be at different levels • Lillian Katz in her research described the 4 stages of preschool teachers Professional Development • Planning and implementing is difficult in our area or community • This is an area that tends to score low because of opportunities. • In MO; resource and referrals have been consolidated to save money and so training or workshops are hard to find. • Sometimes there is not a choice, take what we can attend – rather than what we feel we need. • Certain requirements must be met for regulations (such as new regulations to accept subsidies or extra requirements to be an Early Head Start partner). Characteristics of Effective Professional Development • Adult learners o Want to make decisions about what to learn o Deserve to be treated as adults o Look for evidence that the life experiences they bring to trainings are valued o Want practical knowledge they can use immediately o Are motivated to learn what they need to do their jobs well o Want immediate and specific feedback Professional Development • Presenters/trainers should consider these kinds of learning 1. Lecture – power point, sound clips, pictures, videos 2. Active learning – balancing practical and theoretical knowledge 3. Reflective practices – think about experiences • How to complete on-site staff development: 1. Close for staff development – use holidays 2. Close during slow times – around Christmas and New Year 3. Evening session 1. Provide food/snacks 2. Child Care for staff Staff Development • Coaching 1. Provides specific targeted professional development 2. Assist staff member address a specific issue 3. Or solve a problem • Mentoring – is supporting & coaching of a protégé’ or novice teacher by an experienced teacher • Encourage formal education – college or community college course work. • Katz noted this is especially in the maturity phase of teaching. • T.E.A.C.H. – early childhood project to provide support for early childhood programs Staff Assessment
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