CFD 3250 Lecture 1: Food Programs

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University of Central Missouri
Child and Family Development
CFD 3250
Victoria Voland

Thoughts on Food Programs • Remember meal times need to be a time to socialize, engage in relaxed conversation, learning table manners • Provide nutritious food • Opportunities to try new foods • Opportunities to try new ways of serving familiar favorites • Catering meal service is often an expensive option o Prepackaged convenience foods maybe nutritionally inferior o On-site meal service Hints for Your Own Kitchen and Meal Service • Check various food service companies for best price • Look for high quality product • Fresh fruits and vegetables and minimally processed/prepared food are likely to have more nutritional value and they do appeal to children • Calculate the quantities of food. • Consider perishable and non-perishable foods – your storage space • Keep accurate records about foods purchased Promoting Good Health • “Good health” includes physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing. • All aspects of health are inter-related • Center policies should address the health of children and adults (teachers) Creating A Heathy Environment • Store, prepare and serve food properly • Implement sanitary diapering practices • Wash hands correctly at these times: o At arrival o After toileting, diapering, blowing or wiping noses o Before eating, feeding, or serving food o After handling animals or contaminated surfaces o After handling garbage or cleaning Communicate with Families • Create routines for families and caregivers to communicate regularly about children’s day, learning and health. • Describe policies about excluding children who are ill. • Inform families when children are exposed to a communicable disease. Medicine • Administer pre
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