CFD 3250 Lecture 29: Orientation

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Child and Family Development
CFD 3250
Victoria Voland

Orientation • Critical to success, may be required by licensing. o Key program components would include ▪ Mission statement ▪ Philosophy/Vision ▪ Operating procedures ▪ Licensing regulations and accreditation/standards ▪ Job description ▪ Personnel policies ▪ Curriculum ▪ Reviewing required documents for personnel and program Trends in Staffing • Overview o With the publication of the new brain research there is an accepted recognition of the importance of Early Childhood Education o More money for Early Childhood programing, means an increase demand for certified teacher is on the rise. o Colleges are “fast tracking degrees” in this area, by offering year around course work. o Questions arise? Are these teachers ready for the classroom? o Other issues are note new – high turnover, low compensation, high job stress and inadequate preparation. Staff Shortage: A Deep-Rooted Program • Look at each individually: o High Turnover ▪ Loss of people mean loss in routines and rituals ▪ Without routine and rituals children feel insecure ▪ That looks like children wandering instead of settling into play opportunities and experiences ▪ This aimless wondering lowers cognitive activities ▪ Takes time for parent to feel comfortable with new staff members ▪ Generally, raises stress levels that can be felt by children and another staff as well. ▪ May cause unstable work environment ▪ Which in turn causes more turnover o Low compensation ▪ High turnover rates in low quality programs ▪ Child Care teachers - $ 9.61 per hour or $19,980 per year ▪ Kindergarten teachers - $ 28,170 ▪ Accredited programs have lowest turnover ▪ Compensation is not just salary ▪ Child Care teachers rarely have: • Sick leave or paid vacation time • Health insurance • Reimbursement for professional development • Performance bonuses ▪ So, it is important to have a “great place” to work Staff Shortage • High Stress o Low job satisfaction o Teacher burnout o And ultimately turnover o Why? Contribution factors: ▪ Long hours ▪ Noisy classrooms ▪ Busy classrooms ▪ Physical demands of the job ▪ Being overwhelmed – by unpredictable stressful situations ▪ Conflicts among children ▪ Angry or frustrated parents o Inadequate Preparation: ▪ Some see as a job not a profession or career ▪ Training/workshop is a direct way to impact the teacher and the quality of
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