FCSE 3120 Lecture 20: Types of Decisions

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University of Central Missouri
Family and Consumer Sciences Education
FCSE 3120

Types of Decisions Routine Decisions • Made day-to-day ○ what to wear, where to eat, route to work • Don’t require a lot of thought • Become habits Major Decisions • Long term effects on a person’s life ○ Buying a home, getting married, having a baby • Includes financial, relationship, health, career, parenting, & quality of life decisions Forced Decisions • Occur without prior planning • Can be thrust upon due to outside influences ○ Divorce • Can redirect the planning process Decisions are based... • By individual values, or fundamental beliefs or practices about what is desirable, worthwhile, and important. • Because all people have different values that influence the decisions, there is not a definite right or wrong solution to the problem. Decision Making Style • Leaders are stuck with decision making. • It's their job to make decisions that are in the best interest of the whole organization. • This is a big responsibility and very often people don't appreciate your efforts. • In fact, many times people get angry at you because of the decisions you make to help them! Part 2 The Decision-Making Process Decision Making Process Step 1 -Define the Decision • Individuals should take into consideration: • What is the purpose of the needed behavior? • What relevant background information is needed? • What additional information is needed? • How will the information be used to make a decision? Step 2 – Estimate Resources • Resources such as time, energy, money, information must be considered prior to a decision. • Resources may dictate the amount of alternatives one has. Step 3 – Considering Alternatives • One must consider the number of alternatives that might be involved making a decision? • Narrowing down to one or two alternatives helps one make better decisions. Step 4 – Consequences of Alternatives • Make sure to identify the consequences – both positive and negative (pros and cons). • Some people get stuck in this step due to the enjoyment or distasteful process of making a decision- called pre-purchase expectations. Step 5 – Develop a Plan & Take Action • A course of actio
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