FCSE 3120 Lecture 21: Problem Solving

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University of Central Missouri
Family and Consumer Sciences Education
FCSE 3120

Problem Solving Planning • Takes time. • Planning can relieve stress but can also lead to stress. • Planning must consider o Physical surrounding ▪ Location, lighting, cleanliness, sound o Social surroundings ▪ Other people, relationships o Time ▪ Time of day, month, year o Tasks ▪ Reason the person is there or what needs to be done Planning Process • Independent Activities o Doing one activity at a time • Dovetailing or Multi-tasking o Overlapping activities rating to each deliverable o Women are better than men o Too much multitasking can lead to ▪ Often lead to lapse in attentiveness ▪ Loss of concentration ▪ Gaps in short term memory ▪ Stress symptoms Rules of Planning • Make the plan workable • Be realistic • Have a contingency plan • Delegate when necessary Implementing & Evaluating • Actuating refers to putting plans into effect, action or motion. • Actuate in stages or phases. • Get positive and negative feedback to help in the evaluation process. • Continually check and adjust the plan as needed. • Evaluate on the success, failures, suggestions and concerns of the plan. Human Ecology & Ecosystems Theory • Human ecology is people interacting with the environment o Micro system o Mesosystem o Exo system o Macro system o Chrono system • Bronfenbrenner Ecological Systems Theory Ecosystems Theory • Family Ecosystems… o The interaction of families with its environment • Global Ecosystems... o The interaction of the family within the global environment Economic Theory • Based on eight gu
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