FCSE 3120 Lecture 4: how to organize your life

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Family and Consumer Sciences Education
FCSE 3120

Get Organized • Poor organization is one of the most common causes of stress. • Structured approaches offer security against ‘out of the blue’ problems. • Prioritizing objectives, duties and activities makes them manageable and achievable. • Don’t overload your mind. • Organization will help avoid personal and professional chaos. Time Management • Make a list o What must be done o What should be done o What would you like to do • Cut out time wasting • Learn to drop unimportant activities • Say no or delegate Ventilation • Develop a support network through friends or colleagues to talk with. It’s not always events that are stressful but how we perceive them. • Writing a diary or notes may help release feelings but do not re-read what has been written. Humor • Good stress - reducer • Applies at home and work • Relieves muscular tension • Improves breathing • Pumps endorphins into the bloodstream - the body’s natural painkillers Diversion & Distraction • Take time out • Get away from things that bother you • Doesn’t solve the problem • Reduce stress level • Calm down • Think logically Change Your Lifestyle • Diet: o Develop healthy eating habits o Reduce caffeine (Stimulant) o Reduce salt • Smoking & Alcohol: o Moderate the consumption of alcohol o One glass of
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