FCSE 3120 Lecture 19: Resources

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University of Central Missouri
Family and Consumer Sciences Education
FCSE 3120

Resources- What are They? World and American Demographics • The following slides provide a snapshot of the population and its effects on global society, communities, families and individuals. • With each slide information, contemplate its impact on you and society. History of World Population Growth • World Population has greatly increased within the past century US Population Growth • The United States has high fertility rates (annual number of births per thousand population), and in addition has high immigration, both legal and illegal. • As a result, the population growth rate is expected to remain constant for the foreseeable future. Population Projections in US World Immigration Trends • + countries projected to see immigration increase • 0 countries where immigration will remain constant • - countries where immigration will decrease World Fertility Rate • 7-8 Children /woman • 6-7 Children / woman • 5-6 Children / woman • 4-5 Children / woman • 3-4 Children / woman • 2-3 Children / woman • 1-2 Children / woman • 0-1 Children / woman US Birth Rates are Declining • 17.6 births/1,000 population (in the first half of the 1930’s) • 14.20 births/1,000 population in 2007 • 13.5 births/1000 population in 2010 o 11.6 for non-Hispanic whites o 16.5 for non-Hispanic blacks o 4.8 for American Indians o 6.5 for Asians o 23.4 for Hispanics World Infant Mortality Rate as of 2012 World Age Expectancy • As of 2015, Monaco has the highest life expectancy at 89.52 years. • Chad has the lowest life expectancy at 49.81 years Types of Families Households with Six Figure Incomes Poorest Areas in US • Typically the poorest areas in the US are in the South. • Mississippi is the poorest while Maryland is the wealthiest (as of 2015). • Oregon County is the poorest
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