FLDX 3000 Lecture 2: FLDX 3000 Expectations(1)

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University of Central Missouri
Field Experience
FLDX 3000
Michael G.Luehrman

FLDX 3000 Field Experience Expectations Art Education, Spring 2017 Prepare yourself to be in the classroom as a Professional. When you receive your location assignment, email the mentor teacher and introduce yourself. You may want to prepare a short resume regarding your experience. Remember, you are a guest in the teacher’s classroom. Dress professionally. Administrators and other teachers often consider you as being on an “extended interview” while you are a guest in their school. In the art room, you may get some stains on your clothes, so dress nicely, but don’t wear your very best clothes. On the first day with your mentor teacher: 1. Introduce yourself. 2. Go over the expectations sheet with your mentor teacher. 3. Go over your schedule. Please make sure that you share your planned observation schedule with your mentor teacher, your building liaison (Mr. Collins or Ms. Whitfield), your art education faculty (Dr. Luehrman), and the main office at the school. Reme
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