PE 2800 Lecture 15: Core_Concepts_Summary

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Physical Education
PE 2800
Amanda Wakaman

Core Concepts of Kinesiology Article by Jackie L. Hudson Range of Motion o distance that a body, body part, or an object moves during a time interval of interest o  ROM   force o Ex: wt. lifter  ROM when  force (fatigue) Speed of Motion o  speed   force o Ex: walk  jog  run ( speed and force needed) o ROM + time Number of Segments o Amount of ROM o Minimal ROM = inactive o Mod-max ROM = active o Ex: archery—most are stationary o Ex: javelin—most are mobile o Novice—throwing—“freeze out” certain segments, skill improves more segments used o Master—may use too many segments (strong mover on a sub-max movement) Nature of Segments o Forward, backward, R/L, twisting o Twisting generates the greatest speed, requires the most skill o To change amount of long-axis motion, change nature by change speed of segment Balance o Degree of stability or mobility o Greatest stability is achieved by maintaining the line of gravity near the middle of the BOS o Ex: golf—need a degree of mobility during swing, but also more stability o  mobility   BOS o  accuracy   stability o Ex:  speed of bicycle   stability o Ex: thrower  ROM   BOS Coordination o Body action are times and sequenced o Jerky or sporadic  uncoordinated o Smooth or graceful  coordinated o Skilled movers, move body segments in o unison – when activity is heavy o sequential – from large to small in ballistic activities o Skill development tends to occur in the opposite manner
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