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Lecture 6

PSY 3010 Lecture 6: design and implement the full range of individualized and functional assessment procedures

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PSY 3010

design and implement the full range of individualized and functional assessment procedures An anecdotal assessment is a type of • Indirect assessment Generally, a scatterplot • Can be helpful when the target behavior occurs infrequently Behavioral interview information is sometimes an accurate because • Interviewees do not fully understand the question, inaccurate information is reinforced or accurate information is punished, and information is overlooked For a behavioral assessment, a narrative recording should be the same as • A descriptive analysis Before performing a formal or informal behavioral assessment, the behavior analysis must be sure he or she has • That authority and permission to do so If the name of the assessment includes description or descriptive than the assessment procedure • Will include direct observation of the client behavior the methods used to determine what time of day and behavior is most likely to occur are • Behavioral interview scatterplot and abc data An ecological assessment is best characterized as • Considering all aspects of a persons environment, broadly defined, that could affect behavior what does the behavior look like would be part of a • Behavioral interview A parent asserts that he never gives in to escape maintain tantrums. However, observation data indicated that he placate the child. This inaccuracy exemplifies a problem with • Behavioral interviews if the name of the assessment procedure includes abc then • It requires direct observation of the client behavior and recording the antecedent, behavior, and consequenc three distinct approach is to determine the function of the behavior are • Direct assessments, indirect assessments, and functional analyses all behavioral assessments should identify • Competing contingencies Generally, a scatterplot captures • The frequency of behavior but not antecedents or consequences, can help when the target behavior occurs and frequently, and may involve a teacher recording occurrences of the target behavi information on previous attempts to address the behavior would be gleaned from a • Behavioral interview behavioral interviews are generally used to • Obtain preliminary information behavioral in
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