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Lecture 14

PSY 3010 Lecture 14: negative reinforcement

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University of Central Missouri
PSY 3010

negative reinforcement Reinforcers of lesser preference might be as effective as preferred reinforcers if • They are varied instead of constant o Bearing reinforcers maintains the eo and provides effectiveness. Sometimes a variety of less preferred reinforcers has a greater effect then a single preferred reinforcer to shift control from contrived to naturally occurring reinforcers, • Develop behavioral repertoires that produce naturally occurring reinforcers o Many naturally occurring reinforcers are secondary we are reinforcers that must be learned by repeating pairing with primary or secondary reinforcers. Praise and social interaction are very common naturally occurring reinforcers, but they are secondary reinforcers that must be learned. Another form of naturally occurring reinforcement is the automatic reinforcement from accomplishing a task, learned something interesting, read a book, or producing a product Generalized reinforcers maintain the eo for the reinforcer because • Satiation on all reinforcers for which the generalized reinforcer could be exchanged is unlikely o Generalized reinforcers are effective with a wide variety of behaviors and can generally be exchanged for a wide variety of back up reinforcers. Money is an example of a generalized reinforce The criterion for reinforcement should be set • So that the participants first response produces reinforcement o The behavior reinforcer pairing will increase the behavior. The criterion for reinforcement should be set so that the participants first response will likely produced reinforcement. A common mistake is to set the criterion too high, such that the participant does not receive reinforcement. It is the contact with the reinforcement that is needed to produce improved performance The magnitude of a reinforcer pertains to • The duration of time for access to the reinforcer, the number of reinforcers per unit time, that intensity of the reinforcer o Is defined by the duration of time of a reinforcer, the number of reinforcers per unit time and the intensity of the reinforcer To maintain potent establishing operations for reinforcers, you may • Give choice or allow natural deprivation o Is enhanced or maintained by using a variety of reinforcers, very properties of the reinforcers, giving choice, remove it and then introducing the reinforcer, allowing natural deprivation, and using generalized reinforcers An individual with an intellectual disability and gauges and is scape maintain cell injury. There’s a plan to teach him inappropriate escape behavior of walking to a bulletin board, selecting an object that represents break, returning to the workstation with it, then taking a break. You • Maintain that it might not work due to the response effort required Descriptive praise often functions as a positive reinforcer for the behavior proceeding it and as • A rule for future behavior and reinfo
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