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Lecture 15

PSY 3010 Lecture 15: positive and negative reinforcement

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PSY 3010

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positive and negative reinforcement A benefit of using generalized reinforcer is • It is not dependent on a current mo for a particular reinforcer o A generalized reinforcer is a condition reinforcer that has been paired with many other reinforcers, both primary and conditioned A student is often off task and talking to peers. During after school work, the student works steadily with minimal teacher attention. Do you approve his classroom behavior you should? • Use a powerful enough reinforcer to override peer attention A way to teach responding with a response to reinforcer delay is to • Use a token a point system, teach clients self-instruction or self-prompting, make reinforcers visible during the delay o Make the reinforcers visible during the delay, gradually increase the delay or time engaged and task, used condition reinforcer during the delay such as tokens, points, praise or verbal reminders, teach clients self-instruction or sell prompting skills A behavior is likely the result of rule following (instructional control) if • A single instance of reinforcement results and a large increase in behavior, there is no o There is no identifiable immediate consequence, the response to consequence delivery is greater than 30 seconds, the frequency of a behavior changes due to changes in antecedence, a single instance of reinforcement results in a large increase in behavior, there is a rule for the behavior but no apparent consequences identifiable immediate consequence, the frequency of behavior changes due to changes and antecedents Allowing individuals choice and academic tasks or routines and generally • Reduce his disruptive behavior In behavioral interventions, negative reinforcement • Can often provide strong motivation for individuals implementing the intervention A behavior is likely the result of rule following (instructional control) if • There is no identifiable immediate consequence To increase patient waiting during a reinforcer delay, you can • Provide a distraction such as music, games, or other activities Week verbal skills make it more likely that • Delayed stimuli will not function as reinforcement Once concern for the ethical use of positive reinforcement is the
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