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Lecture 4

PSY 3010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Scatter Plot, Functional Analysis, Intellectual Disability

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PSY 3010

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differential reinforcement
which is most appropriate when responding at a low rate (but not zero rate) is a desirable
And a 60 second observation, a student exhibits momentary tics after five, eight, 12, and 20
seconds. What is the mean interesponse time
5 seconds (8-5=3, 12-8=4; 20-12=8; 3+4+8=15/3=5)
an initial dro interval should be
Equal to or less than the baseline mean i rt
You want to increase a child rate of reading. Use a
A target behavior occurs after five minutes of a 10 minute interval with drl
Reset the interval for 10 minutes
Once control is achieved, which of the following is appropriate for lengthening the dro interval
when the criterion is no occurrences for 10 minutes
The criterion is 5% higher than that of the previous day, provided control is maintained
Reinforcement provided at the end of the day contingent upon it insults been at or below a
certain level for the entire day is
Full session drl
the general guideline for increasing the dro interval is
Gradually increase the interval after the problem behavior is under control
An initial dro interval should be set so that
Reinforcement is encountered frequently
Guidelines for the effective use of interval dro include
Determining a procedure for increasing the dro interval, combining dr o with other
procedures, providing reinforcement contingent upon the no occurrences of the target
behavior during that interval
a child engages and escape maintained biting of her own hand. As a replacement behavior, you
teach her to request break please by holding down a button with both hands on the
communication board attached to the bottom of her desk until someone response to her request.
This is a
Dra or dri
Interresponse time i rt is considered the time between responses or, if the response to ration is
short, it may be considered the
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