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Lecture 20

PSY 3010 Lecture 20: Fk17 unconditioned reinforcement

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PSY 3010

Fk17 unconditioned reinforcement Which best exemplifies an unconditioned reinforcer? • Skin temperature change from 50° to 70° o Are those that one is born with and are important to the survival of the organism unconditioned reinforcer is synonymous with • Unlearned a reinforcer and primary reinforcer generalized conditioned reinforcer is are • Exemplified by classroom token system whereby students purchase from a store o Associated with a variety of reinforcers such as a token a point system in which tokens could be exchanged for a variety of things Generalized condition reinforcers are • Are those that have been associated with access to various back up reinforcers o Backed up by primary or secondary reinforcers, the same as generalized reinforcers, exemplified by money Which is a primary reinforcer? • Sleep, shelter, and water o Also known as unconditioned or unlearned those that one is born with and are important to the survival of the organism Generalized conditioned reinforcers • Enable the same reinforcement to be given to individuals with different preferences, do not always require a backup reinforcer, and are likely to be reinforcing anytime even long after the behavior has been reinforced Sex is • A reinforcer due to an organism’s phylogeny, a primary reinforcer, and unconditioned reinforcer Unconditioned reinforcement • Is reinforcement that requires no prior conditioning of reinforcing stimuli Which is a primary reinforcer? • The sensation of relieving ones bladder Generalized conditioned reinforcers are • Less susceptible to satiation Generalized conditioned reinforcers are • Exemplified by money Which is a primary reinforcer • Processed foods Conditioned reinforcer is synonymous with • Secondary reinforcer and learned reinforcer Unconditioned punishment refers to • Punishment that requires no prior conditioning of punishing stimuli o Occurs when behavior is punished by primary or unconditioned punishers. These are typically related to survival of the organism Fk 18 conditioned reinforcement, unconditioned punishment, conditioned punishment And effective conditioned reinforcer maybe established by pairing a previously neutral or ineffective stimulus with • A primary or previously established secondary reinforcer A dog barks and his abusive master gives have a sharp blow to the snout the dog, frequency of barking decreases. The decrease in barking is likely the result of • Unconditioned punishment A child’s self-injury results and a contingent loss of points. However, this is not changed the right of self-injury. The loss of points exemplifies • None of th
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