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Lecture 11

PSY 3010 Lecture 11: unwanted effects of extinction

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PSY 3010

unwanted effects of extinction-acquisition A teacher decides to use extinction for asking questions during silent reading time. To manage the increased response rate, she might • Tell the class what will happen when they ask questions The recommended way to minimize the unwanted effects of extinction is to • Always combine extinction with other treatment procedures Unwanted effects of extinction may include • Anger or other emotional effects Teacher started using a scape extinction when a child refused to do his work. That escape behavior is increasing in right and intensity. You recommend • Teaching and reinforcing acceptable ways to request brakes Ignoring is used to address the attention maintain disruptive behavior of a fourth grader. You recommend • Ensuring all teachers ignore the behavior, providing attention for appropriate behavior, and teaching the students peers to ignore the behavior to implement an extinction procedure without other procedures, you must be able to • Temporarily tolerate an increase in frequency A child demands candy at the store and has a tantrum when told “no”. The parent never provides candy when this happens, but the tantrum continues. A way to manage this unwanted affect maybe • Combine with reinforcement To implement and extinction procedure without other procedures, you must be able to • Ensure you can control the natural maintain reinforcer, temporarily tolerate new topographies of the behavior, temporarily tolerate an increase in frequency To decrease the likelihood of extinction induced aggression, you may • Use a dr procedure intermittent reinforcement • Causes behavior to be resistant to extinction A child hits a younger sibling which typically results in parents attention. You suggest using extinction on the heading behavior. To plan for the possibility of increased intensity due to extinction, you recommend • Providing attention for playing nicely with the younger sibling Regarding extinction induced aggression, parents or teachers been asked to use extinction need to know • What to do when they intervene on aggression, that they can ignore some aggression, when they need to intervene on aggression A child in a special day class frequently attempts to escape from academic tasks by requesting to go to the toilet. Staff use escape extinction by refusing excessive request. The requests continue at a higher rate • This is not an extinction procedure Ignoring is proposed for attention maintained head banging that is severe enough to cause a detached retina and blindness. You advise that • A different procedure be used A child demands candy at the store and had a tantrum when told “no”. The parent never provides candy when this happens, but the tantrums continue. The tantrum may continue
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