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Lecture 5

THEA 1100 Lecture 5: chapter 5

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THEA 1100
Hanna R.Cusick

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Chapter 5
Prose: Styles, Types, nonfiction
Style of Prose:
Overall organization of ideas
oSteps to develop central ideas
Paragraph organization
Syntactical characteristics of sentences
oLong/short, direct/indirect
Word choice/relationship between words
1. Paragraphs- major thought units, long/complex or short/simple, writers suggest
2. Sentences- critical thinking
a. Syntax- way words are grouped to show relationship to one another/
demonstrate importance
b. Modifiers- adjectives, adverbs, and phrases, where writer places sentence
affects meanings/thoughts
c. Parallelism- balanced organization/construction of sentences
c.i. Keep equal in balance while pointing out connection/contrast
c.i.1. Pitch/vocal quality
3. Speech Phrases- division of sentence into phrases by:
a. Punctuation, grammatical structure, mood/idea
4. Diction- choice of words
a. Allusions- reference to person, place or thing
b. Similes- comparison using like/as
c. Metaphors- comparison not using like or as
5. Tone color- sounds of word
a. Consonance- repeated/recurrent consonant sounds
b. Repeated/recurrent vowel sounds
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