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Lecture 3

THEA 2400 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Sleepy Lagoon Murder, Lorraine Hansberry, Lysistrata

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THEA 2400
Victoria Depew

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Chapter 3
Theatre gives a voice to the voiceless.
oMainstream media= Theatre of the opposed
What is culture?
oIs culture static? Where are some recent major cultural changes? What are some old
ones? How does our culture effect our lives? Contrast with other cultures.
oEnculturation= the process by which we learn about or own culture.
oHow does this occur? Parents
Theatre of the people: multiculturalism, stereotypes= give example of “positive” and “negative”
Stereotypes: three main types= theatre of identity, theatre of protest, cross-cultural theatre.
Theatre of Identity: tends to start as small localized movements of individuals
oYiddish Broadway and Harlem Renaissance
oBlack face, yellow face, and red face
oLorraine Hansberry= First black female playwright on Broadway. What was the play? A
Raisin in the Sun.
oAugust Wilson= The Century Cycle
Theatre of Protest
oAristophanes= Lysistrata= Peloponnesian War
oEl Teatro Campesino= Chicano and Filipino migrant workers
oZoot Suit= sleepy Lagoon murder trial and Zoot Suit Riots
Cross-Cultural Theatre: The Lion King, Older plays= Mikado, Madame Butterfly, etc.
Ethnocentrism: Tony Kushner= Angels in America, Laramie Project= Moises Kaufman
NEA= Allowing all people a voice, freedom of speech vs common cultural values
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