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Lecture 4

ARTH 1138 Lecture 4: Tercento Continued

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Art History
ARTH 1138
Steven Wander

Thursday, January 26, 2017 Tercento Continued pg 528546 Georgio Bizarre frescos friend of Michael Angelo writes rst art history book Greeks and modern times (3001863) art evolves (gets better) there is a major transition linear > painterly byzantine: pointed hands, feet on tiptoes, 2D 3D, shadows, lifelike Giotto made this transition; he created lifelike paintings compared to the byzantine style The Majesty Artist: Duccio di Buoninsegna Madonna and Child on the front life of Christ on the back Madonna surrounded by individualized saints (innovation) Arena Chapel Artist: Giotto di Bondone Giotto is a painter and architect of the chapel there are only windows on one side of the chapel Duccio and Giotto both in Padua at the same time (one could have inuenced the other) 1
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