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Lecture 12

ARTH 1138 Lecture 12: High Renaissance Continued

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Art History
ARTH 1138
Steven Wander

Thursday, March 2, 2017 High Renaissance Continued pg. 631 647 Pieta Artist: Michelangelo Medium: marble Patron: Jean de Bilheres Lagraula located in burial Chapel of Santa lifelike yet grand emotion depicted well Mary is huge (bigger than humansize) French cardinal had a contract for Michelangelo to create Pieta out of marble Mary holding dead son stone into esh and fabric smooth surfaces against rippled fabric only sculpture Michelangelo ever signed Pieta is a French theme (not common in Italy) make Jesus life real and palpable to the audience paradox: full length male on womans lap yet it doesnt look weird he made it look harmonious Marys face has a classical constraint spiritual experience feelings are contained violent dignity spirit has a terrible peace and harmony shape is a trianglepyramid 1
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