DMD 2010 Lecture 8: Long Blog Post Project

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University of Connecticut
Digital Media and Design
DMD 2010
Matthew Worwood

After I watched the Tron and the Matrix, I realized that they both had many similarities towards their themes. With the concept of generative and non-generative systems, both portray a person entering a completely digital world in which two hackers are against supercomputers that have immense domination and either become freedom fighters for the oppressed programs of the grid or fight a brutal battle for their lives against a group of viciously intelligent secret agents. In this case, users, such as the hackers Neo and Kevin Flynn, are incapable to act outside of the rules of the machine in which portrays non-generative systems. The two machines set in place were the” MCP and The Matrix”. I believe these two movies, The Tron and The Matrix, reflects the digital age and historical timeline of technology. The story of Tron shows a single person could use one computer to program and create a super-intelligent program like the Master Control Program. Instead of focusing on how one program could affect people, The Matrix presents the future of Artificial Intelligence might be for us. Both Tron and The Matrix are movies that reveal how artificial intelligence became so intelligent that it ends up developing a mind just like human beings, in which it uses gathered information from humans’ input to control and rule the people. However, nothing could be generated automatically by itself, people have to design and work for it. The invention of the personal computer (PC) is what allowed anyone to create anything they want from anywhere, in which the mainframe computer can only be operated by companies and group of programmers. Without the invention of PC, people wouldn’t have the opportunity to design their own works. The movie Tron came out in 1982 right after the invention of the personal computer (PC) in the 1970s, in which I believe perfectly revealed the issue of artificial intelligence. The Matrix was released after Tron, in which people were already beginning to be aware of the direction of technology after they saw the virtue of the internet. However, before the web, our daily lives consisted of food, water and anything that kept us alive. Today, our daily lives consist of cell phones, laptops, ovens, blenders, microwaves, tablets and TVS. Today’s generation cannot live without our cell phone, computer device, or the internet. I believe since our dependency is so strong towards the web, all the information and human data/input are being stored somewhere in the world, where it could be easily accessed by the mainframe computer. In the movie Matrix, the matrix knew everything about humans and why it could create a perfect world for hum
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