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Lecture 21

GEOG 1700 Lecture 21: Geography Notes 21

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University of Connecticut
GEOG 1700
Ken Foote

Geography 1700- Lecture 21 - City Development - Latin American - Central business districts thrive. - Result of reliance on public transit - High income populations live close to the CBD - A commercial spine extends out from the central business district - Development along spine is highly desirable - Zone of modest housing and value surround this the spine - Periphery is dominated by squatter settlements - Western forms over indigenous - Cities Europeans founded were planned and built according to European city planning - Western/modernizing interests built a new city alongside a pre existing native city - Many great cities still have historic cores that illustrate indigenous principles of urban planning - Islamic - Traditional Islamic cities illustrate the role of culture in urban form - Structure develops from the needs of city dwellers according to cultural influences - Traditional Islamic urban planning is in the Koran and has been codified by Islamic law - Cities and Suburbs - Trad
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