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Lecture 23

GEOG 1700 Lecture 23: Geography Notes 23

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GEOG 1700
Ken Foote

Geography 1700- Lecture 23 - Political Geography - Sovereign States: independent political units that have jurisdiction over defined geographical territories and the people and activities within them - This is a relatively modern concept - Political geography: the study of how humans divide Earth into territories, how those territories are ruled (or not), and how people in each territory relate to one another - Spatial dimensions of political life - Current Definition of Statehood - A resident, full-time population - A functioning government and administrative system - A defined territory - Diplomatic relationships with other states - Nations - Definition: people who share a culture and who want to be ruled separately from other peoples - The rise of the often dangerous concept of nationalism - Ethnic nations: based on ethnicity, race, shared history, or language - Civic nations: based on being citizens of the same country irrespective of - Political community - Idea of the Nation-State - State that contains a whole nation and only one nation
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