GSCI 1050 Lecture 2: 01.19.2017

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GSCI 1050
Jennifer Cooper Boemmels

GSCI1050-002 01.19.2017 Sense of Place • Geoscientists have an enhanced Sense of Place • Ex: Cape Cod Kettle Lakes were depressed formed by collapsed glacial deposits o Geographic: 41.76N, 70.03W o Nominal: Nickerson State Park o Sense of Time: Memories o Sense of Place: Sight, sound, smell, taste, feeling, 6th o Engagement: Material, Form, Time, Process • Content • Planet - Origin • Universe is 13.7 billion years old o Infinitely dense/small point that was very hot and that began to expand rapidly at that time o Hydrogen and helium were building blocks of early universe o Rest of elements came from early stars, which undergo nuclear fusion in their cores ▪ Capable of generating elements up to iron o The other elements came from supernova explosions of stars • Solar System o Earth is one of 8 planets; 4 rocky + 4 gaseous o There are 8 planets today in our solar system o sun - 4 terrestrial/inner/rocky planets - asteroid belt - 4 Jovian/outer/gaseous planets o Nebular Theory ▪ Explains formation of our solar system (vs. Big Bang Theory explains formation of our universe vs. Plate Tectonics explains formation of earth) ▪ Earth accreted by the gravitational gathering of dust and gas within a nebular cloud
 ▪ Nebula (spinning cloud of gas and dust) contained materials needed to build our solar system ▪ Began to collapse and flatten into a disc ▪ Materials in disc came together into larger and larger pieces ▪ Then many collisions occurred ▪ Eventually, enough material came together to form planets o Earth’s moon consists of silicate debris blasted into low orbit by an interplanetary collision after Earth differentiated ▪ Earth was struck by a large object, a protoplanet ▪ Hit it just at the right angle so that it would blast debris into space, which began to
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