GSCI 1050 Lecture 3: 01.24.2017

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University of Connecticut
GSCI 1050
Jennifer Cooper Boemmels

GSCI1050-002 01.24.2017 1st in class quiz: Tuesday 02/7 (10 multiple choice questions, 1st one can have your notes - but you won’t have much time to use them) Planet - Magnetism • Spinning of the Earth’s outer liquid iron core is a dynamo giving rise to a dipole magnetic field
 • Earth is oblate spheroid; same for inner core • Earth’s magnetic field above the surface shields us from deadly solar and cosmic radiation ◦ Some passes through the magnetosphere, but then gets stuck in Van Allen Belts; what makes it through would follow magnetic lines and get to poles; when it gets close to earth, we get auroras • Earth’s magnetic pole is quasi-stable, shifting in position (declination) and reversing in polarity (N to S, + to -) • Remnant magnetic signatures in rocks are a useful tool for chronology and paleogeography ◦ chronology = reversals ◦ paleogeography = inclination System - Spheres • The so-called “-spheres” are real at the planetary scale, but are overlapping distortions near earth’s surface ◦ Core is not “litho” ◦ “Cryo” is hydro & litho (layer of ice) ◦ “Atmo” is litho, bio, hydro ◦ “Bio” in deep caves? ◦ Diamonds = “bio” mantle ◦ Mantle has mater ◦ Carbon- = life cycles through them all System - Thinking • This works better than thinking in terms of -spheres • A system is a physiochemical place with a discrete boundary, two or more interacting components, and fluxes of matter and/or energy (i.e. input/output) • Except for the universe senso stricto, and the smallest subatomic particle, every system is a subsystem embedded within others • The mass and energy fluxes to and from the earth’s surface are well known, and largely open and closed, respectively ◦ 173000TW = 99.97% = solar flux (avg) = radiation
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