GSCI 1050 Lecture 18: 03.28.2017

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GSCI 1050
Jennifer Cooper Boemmels

GSCI1050-002 03.28.2017 Quiz today 10:20am OYO proposal due tonight (now everyone gets 1 free extra point, not just those presenting in class) In grading journal, used CSP rubric (completion, sophistication, presentation) Which of the following channel shapes is usually associated with loose, unconsolidated sediment with low strength (cohesion)? • Straight
 • Braided (the ones that break apart, tend to reform; when water flows through unconsolidated material, that material tends to collapse; they tend to fill in and the water has to divert, then move to a new location)
 • Meandering
 Rivers and Floods Floods • Floods occur when baneful discharge is exceeded
 • Discharge (volume of flow/unit of time) ◦ Qch = Aab*Trf ◦ Qch = Ach*Vch ◦ Ach=w*d ◦ easiest way to measure - get cross-sectional area and velocity (flow meter) with cross-section broken into sections ▪ ex: 10ft stream, take a measure every foot • Mississippi River ◦ river within bank (normal conditions) ▪ notice the green parts that are the floodplains ◦ river beyond bank (august flooding ) • we describe flood in terms of discharge • Why do we want to know about floods? ◦ landscape evolution/streams ◦ how does this impact floodplain/channel? ◦ if planning a city/town • A riverine (occurs downstream) flood and a flash (occurs upstream) flood arise from different conditions ◦ non-violent inundation (riverine) ◦ violent surge (flash) • Coastal (estuarine) floods result from the combination factors ◦ Estuarine flooding ▪ Storm surge ▪ Wave setup ▪ Tidal stage ▪ River flow ◦
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