GSCI 1050 Lecture 23: 04.13.2017

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GSCI 1050
Jennifer Cooper Boemmels

GSCI1050-002 04.13.2017 Last in class quiz Tues 4/25 Which of the following processes occurs first in the formation of fossil fuels? • Diagenesis
 • Photosynthesis
 • Burial under low o2 conditions
 • it depends on the type of fossil fuel
 After, you have accumulation of remains that undergo burial in low to no oxygen conditions, then diagenesis Energy - Geothermal and Nuclear Geothermal heat is ubiquitous, and driven mainly by radioactive decay. • Types ◦ Hot geothermal ◦ Cold-heat pump • source for our energy is hydrothermal circulation Uranium, the main fuel of nuclear energy, is mined like placer gold as pitchblende (UO2) and by other means. • ore created by initial process that gets taken away by stream and then is concentrated bc of higher density • system: fuel source, that generates steam which fuels turbine, then water is cooled in cooling towers and returned back into the system (circulation) Water Conversions - Groundwater A porous and permeable rock unit that transports water is known as ______. • aquifer • sandstone unit • aquitard A sedimentary or rock unit that does not transmit water easily is known as ____. • aquifer • sandstone unit • aquitard Groundwater wells are the most widespread water supply. • Terms ◦ Recharge ◦ Discharge ◦ Water table ◦ Aquifer ◦ Stream Groundwater mining is unsustainable • Ogallala Aquifer ◦ unconfined aquifer ◦ rate at which we extract far exceeds rate of recharge • contaminants can also affect groundwater Water Conversions - Surface Water Rivers have been dramatically transformed by dams, canals, levees, dikes, dredging, irrigation and channelization. • Three Gorges Dam, China ◦ has created reservoir that has displaced large # of people in villages ◦ modifies landscape & course of river over time ◦ allows them to slowly release floodwater instead of all at once • levees interfere with natural flood processes of river ◦ water that may have just spilled out on floodplain and carried downstream where it can carry much larger flood • dredge (taking material out) to keep river at appropriate depth Artificial levees defeat purpose Urbanization flooding • rainwater falls across impermeable surface -
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