GSCI 1050 Lecture 21: 04.06.2017

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University of Connecticut
GSCI 1050
Jennifer Cooper Boemmels

GSCI1050-002 04.06.2017 In-Class Quiz Tuesday Sessions 17-20 Journal 3 due Tuesday by 11:59pm My office hours today 2:30-4pm Glaciers are classified by their size and thermal conditions. • Types ◦ Sheet ◦ Shelf ▪ glacier ice covering a sea/extending out into the water ◦ Cap ▪ glaciers that cap off a mountain range ◦ Outlet ▪ glaciers that flow out from that spot ◦ Piedmont ▪ glacier that looks like alluvial fan ◦ Valley ▪ glaciers that flow through valleys/reshape it ◦ Cirque ▪ alpine type of glacier where peak looks bowl-shaped 2 Types of Glaciers: • Alpine (Mt) Glaciers ◦ mountain ice cap, cirque glacier (forms bowl but doesn’t extend to make valley), valley glacier (elongated), piedmont glacier (if glacier spreads out at its base) • Continental Glaciers (continental ice sheets) ◦ Antarctica and Greenland Glacial Chronology The pattern of the last 1 mil years suggests we were heading back to another ice age The patterns of the last 2000 years suggests we were warming and cooling The patterns for the last 100 yrs is erratic, and then rapid warming The trends of the last million years suggest we are headed towards which of the following? • a glacial period
 • an interglacial period
 • a glacier-free period
 Glacial Erosion and Landforms Classic alpine scenery is created by mountain glaciers • Landforms ◦ U-shaped valleys (because glacier erodes both floor and walls) ◦ cirques ◦ horns ◦ aretes ◦ hanging valleys ◦ truncated spurs Bedrock erosion creates diagnostic small-scale features • Features ◦ Striations ▪ lines/scratches as glaciers move across bedrock ◦ Chattermarks ▪ gouges ◦ Grooves ◦ Roche Moutonees ▪ ridges of bedrock exposed after glacial retreat that show evidence of abrasion Glacial Erosion • abrasion • plucking - ice breaks off and removes bedrock fragments Glacial striations usually found in which of following locations? • Exposed bedrock that was once covered by glacial ice • within sediment deposited by glaciers • on surface of glaciers as dark-colored stripes Glacial Deposition and Landforms Glacial Drif
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