GSCI 1050 Lecture 27: 04.27.2017

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University of Connecticut
GSCI 1050
Jennifer Cooper Boemmels

GSCI1050-002 04.27.17 Science • Science is… • Scientific Reasoning • Geo-Enrichment • Geo-Careers Science is… • Deduction and induction are opposite and mutually beneficial directions of thinking. ◦ Deduction - reasoning from general to specific. Breaking whole into parts. Scientific nomenclature. ◦ Induction - reasoning from specific to general. Creating whole from parts. Scientific laws. ◦ Move —> push, pull, twist, lift ◦ Push, pull, twist, lift, move —> • Forward and inverse thinking are opposite and mutually beneficial directions of thinking ◦ Forward - given this, what will happen? ◦ Inverse - given this, what happened? Geo-Enrichment • Understanding how the Earth works enriches everyday life, especially one’s sense of place ◦ Moraine ◦ badlands ◦ strata ◦ erratics ◦ beach ◦ hillslope ◦ sand Which of the following currents directly influences the climate of Europe? • The Kuroshio Current • The Gulf Stream/North Atlantic Current • The West Wind Drift (makes its way around entire globe via Antarctica) Which of the following is the most recent, current Epoch? • Quaternary (current period) • Holocene • Pleistocene Which of following faults is associated with compression? • Normal (tension - hanging wall
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