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Lecture 13

HIST 1400 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Unification Of Germany, German Nationalism, Serbian Nationalism

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HIST 1400
Edward Guimont

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Notes 4/2/18
The Origins of World War 1
Causes of WW1
Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
Not the direct cause
Could have been prevented
Switched from democratic to more aggressive monarchist
Single ethnic group trying to take over
Struggle for power
Rise of German Nationalism
Very opposed by France
Creates First Treaty of Versailles (Look up)
Rise of anti-semitism in France
The Decline of the Ottoman and Austrian Empires
Russia feels they have the same ancestry as Slavic nations
Same religion/language
Russia sees it as their role to protect all of these nations
Long Term goal of overtaking them for the mediterranean and
Tzar of Russia wants Istanbul because it is the center of
their religion
Serbia wants self-unification
Only Slavic state governed by a Slavic
Break away from Austrian Empire
Replication of Italy’s unification
Czechs, Bulgarians, and Irish erect national identities for themselves
Beforehand just identified with a different nationality
EX: Bulgarians = Greek
Turks also want to break away from Ottoman Empire
The Rise of Germany
German Unification 1856-1871
Britain sees Germany becoming a new superpower as a threat
Both Military and Economic threat
Threatens Britain's industrial output, even exceeds it
Germany creates a strong navy
Britain is an island, protects the mainland
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